Best Android Custom Roms & How to Download Android Rom
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Best Android Custom Roms & How to Download Android Rom

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Unlike the operating system that shipped with your phone, LineageOS is fully open source and does not come with any proprietary software baked in. As a result, you’ll find a lot of creature comforts outright missing. This includes apps like the Play Store as well as cloud backup features provided by Google. The ROM has many people maintaining it around the globe, and they are quick to solve any bugs that may arise on the ROM.

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  • Furthermore, you can install GApps and get Google services as well.
  • The truth is that the stock ROM that comes with your brand new device is filled with apps and features that the manufacturer prescribes.

However, we cannot disapprove that we need different Android skins to reshape the boundary of user interface design. Besides, Bliss also improves the complete visual aspects of any Android device. A list like this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning LineageOS.

PixelOS is another retake on stock Android which brings a Pixel-like user interface with added enhancements and stability. It does not go overboard with features but keeps essential utilities that can be helpful to users.

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You can change absolutely everything from the icon packs, grid style, and colors. Besides, This DerpfestOS also offers a new background blur effect. As soon as you launch the notification center, you’ll notice a gorgeous blur effect that gives a premium look and feel. You might encounter bugs in LineageOS or Paranoid Android, but you’ll never notice a single issue in AOSP Extended ROM. AEX or AOSP Extended custom ROM is directly derived from AOSP with a massive list of extensions at the top. Due to its stability, AEX ROM has had over 1.2 million downloads worldwide.

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